Birpharma, has been established as a result of the necessity for multi-functional and multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare services. Birpharma does not compromise the accuracy of science. Birpharma, prefers to be scientifically accurate and reliable. Birpharma believes in the power of herbs. Birpharma respects nature. These approaches determines the directions of Birpharma. Physicians’ prescriptions are essential elements of therapeutic health services. One of the priorities of Birpharma is to enrich the prescriptions with accurate and reliable products for the sake of the patients. At the same time, Birpharma aims to provide and offer the best treatment alternatives with correct and reliable products to the doctors. Birpharma continues to require actual needs of individuals including teens and children with healthy, natural and scientific solutions by being scientifically natural. 

Birpharma Vision

The vision of Birpharma is to offer and provide new products which are developed with the improvements of medicine, pharmacology and technology. The vision of Birpharma is to offer the pharmaceutical and nutritional products required by human health. The vision of Birpharma is to offer and provide innovative products and be a pioneer in this sector.

Birpharma Mision

The mission of Birpharma is to be present at the necessity point of our people. The mission of Birpharma is to provide what is needed. Birpharma aims to bring together its healthy, natural and scientific products with those in the need for but living in a territory other than Birpharma's territory. Because as needs for health and well being are international, Birpharma believes that solutions to those needs should not stay national.